8th and Fulton Mural

Reflections at 8th and Fulton

The 8th and Fulton mural, was a pilot art project made possible by Capitol City Development Corporation and Boise Arts and History. This mural opportunity provided a chance for Co-Owner, Jason Keeble to combine his love for painting and creating artwork in a public setting. As an artist and as a designer, Jason thrives on creating meaningful work that enhances the human experience. It was his vision to create a vibrant and uplifting piece the entire community could enjoy. This mural is titled Reflections and is a geometric abstraction of our natural surroundings. The trees, the water, the mountains, the sky’s—they’re all arounds us. Featuring a pallet of blues and greens, it was Jason’s intent to brighten up this area of the city, while paying homage to things Boise natives love most. Reflections, is meant to bring individuals together to form meaningful connections with one another and the places they share together.

All Hands On Deck