Boise Fry Company & Guru Donuts

Fries and Donuts

      We've been partners with Boise Fry Company since their humble beginnings in their Broadway location, and their delicious hand-cut fries and "burgers on the side" have been a staple of our diet ever since! They've won award after award for the nation's best fries and have expanded into Meridian, Portland, and even Austin, TX!

     When they came to us for their most recent project, moving from their Broadway location to downtown Boise, we knew we had to do something spectacular. Not only was the location in the heart of the capital city, but they were partnering with Guru Donuts, the local handcrafted donut and coffee shop.

     We wanted an iconic landmark, and what better way to draw in customers and show exactly what they'll be getting than a giant size donut and fry?

     Routed out of high density urethane (HDU), these landmark signs are hand-carved, hand-painted, and solid as a rock with custom steelwork brackets and frames. Our shop was filled with tiny green dust for a week while we carved the donut and fry shapes.

     Once the fabrication was complete, we rounded off the project with window graphics, a brand new set of custom meal trays, menu decals, and a box of donuts to go.