Boise Police

When the Boise Police Department decided to modernize their fleet of interceptors, they came to Trademark to revamp their image. Trademark crafted a visual identity that brings the Boise PD into the 21st century, giving them a sleek, capable, and modern look.

When working with such a visible project many factors go into the final product. Input from patrol officers, commanders, City leaders, and community partners all had to be taken into account as well as the logistics of displaying information unique to the Boise vehicles such as the United States flag in the shape of Idaho and the vehicle identifier in a pleasing manner.

Unique design is one of the cornerstones of our business and sketches upon sketches were drawn out to make sure we created something that was both beautiful and yet  fully functional and recognizable as a police vehicle.

IMG_4732 IMG_4735 Boise Police Department Sketches

After the initial sketches and feedback, we moved into refining the design into conceptual mock-ups of what the chargers would look like. Once again, several options were explored.

The refined shield design.

All said and done, the final design proved to be a vehicle that not only the officers of the Boise Police Department were excited to drive, but also one that the community can be proud of  protecting our streets. We were honored to be able to be a part of this project and are humbled by the hard work and dedication of all the individuals involved.

BPD Certificate