Fire Fusion Studio & Boise Art Glass

An Artist's Building

Two of Boise’s premier art studios, Boise Art Glass and Fire Fusion Studio have moved into the old Bogie’s building, a beautiful 9,000 sq. ft. space in downtown Boise. As part of the move, the building was heavily remodeled to suit the artists’ needs. The spacious new building includes a VIP area, a gallery space, and a large open production space. Being located at Boise’s busy Front Street provided both a challenge and an opportunity: they’d have huge amounts of drive-by traffic, but most of that traffic is going fast, and the there’s a lot of competition from other signs. For this sign to do its job, it would have to truly stand out. Clearly both companies share a deep passion for art and design, and have high standards regarding their signage. They knew they could trust Trademark to faithfully broadcast that passion on their building’s exterior.

With Trademark’s recent acquisition of a CNC Router, we were able to do all the routing in-house saving the added expense and time of bidding out the work. Being located in such a high traffic area with an upcoming street directional change (from a one way to a two way) it was imperative that their customers be able to find them with ease. The addition of this beautiful three dimensional sign really gives them an edge when competing for attention!

After the routing process was finished, the HDU (high density urethane) was hand-painted by our resident expert Jason Keeble. He gently faded the letters from white to yellow, and took the tips of the phoenix’s wings gradually from a bright yellow to a deep orange. When the paint had dried, it was time to apply the vinyl and acrylic lettering, match up all the hardware, then load everything up for installation!