3D Printing

Well it finally happened.  We knew we couldn't hold out forever...  

We got a 3D printer.  

Trademark has been working in three dimensions for a while now but this thing opens a brand new door for us.  We got the form labs form 2 resin printer.  So unlike a lot of 3D printers that lay down tracks on top of tracks, this thing cooks it from below with a laser.  When its all said and done the object is dangling from the top of the printer like some alien pod hanging by its scaffolding.  The whole process seems semi sentient, from the way that the program generates the scaffolding to the fact that the object actually drips with resin as its being printed.

So far we have been creating experimental objects like the spiraling helix to the TM triple cube (Seen left) and they've printed out really well.  At this point we've opened the Pandora's box and there's no going back.