What Makes A Brand: Part 2

Enforcing the Brand

With all the thought you have put into developing your identity, consistency is your best friend. The logo, colors, typography, secondary graphics, branded applications and physical branding are all the tools you need to build your brand but it is up to you to enforce it. Consistency is key. This comes in the form of never wavering from your logo, colors, fonts and extended branding. When we develop an identity, we include brand guidelines which clearly outline your branded elements and how to use them. These guidelines include primary and secondary logos, the exact specs on your brand colors to assist in printing, painting and web-based usage. These guidelines also cover how you can and cannot manipulate your logo and how to apply such assets. By staying true to these rules, your company identity will become more and more recognizable, people will begin to associate your colors, fonts and logo with what you do. If you stay true to the brand guidelines, your identity will become like a familiar face for your customers to pick out of the crowd. You will build a base of loyal followers because they will know what to expect and they will rally behind your brand.

Upkeep of your Brand

A good brand can be like a favorite piece of clothing, the more wear it gets, the more it evolves. As the company changes, so does your affiliation with it, it begins to influence your identity in ways you didn’t imagine, forming a symbiotic relationship where you impact the brand just as it impacts your business and customers. Brand evolution is inevitable and can often be a positive thing. Which is also why you should be aware of how your brand changes overtime and make adjustments to help guide these changes and keep your company looking fresh.

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