Casey Brown

What Makes A Brand: Part 2

Fine, precise lines, either etched into the surface of an object or slicing perfectly through a material in surprisingly intricate designs. This is the magic our laser possesses. It allows us to create a file in the computer, load the laser and press go. Even though we do a lot of custom projects by hand here at Trademark, our time is precious and so is yours, using the laser helps us make sure we can get projects done

Stronger Together

When you approach an Apple store, you know it will be brightly lit, with sleek, clean lines. There will be
polished screens with colorful graphics on a black or white background. All of this speaks to their iconic
electronics, but it’s more than that, it’s their brand. As the customer, you know the experience you can expect
to have by walking through their front door. A true brand goes beyond the logo by establishing a consistency