Trademark is a tight knit team. Everyone in the building is good at what they do, and we all share a deep commitment to our work, our community, and each other. Positions here don’t open up very often, but we’re always on the lookout for the right people. If you find our portfolio inspiring, and you think you’ve got both the personality and the skill set to strengthen our team — by all means, send us a resume! Our hires typically fall into three categories: 

We hire designers. 

Specifically, we hire designers who can seamlessly apply their skills to a 3D environment. To start with, you’ll need rock-solid graphic design fundamentals, and deep experience manipulating vector graphics. On top of that, we tend to hire designers with strong skills in 3D-modeling, illustration, industrial design, logo design, web design, and branding. Also, you’ll be interacting with clients, managing projects, and collaborating with your team all day long, so don’t apply if you’re a grump or a diva. 

We hire fabricators. 

Trademark has one of the highest commitments to quality in the region. We expect our fabricators to internalize our standards and uphold them at all times. You’ll need a keen eye for detail, and a stellar fabrication skill set. Our work is equal parts skilled craftsmanship and technical execution. You should be as comfortable swinging a hammer or painting a mural by hand as you are sending commands to a laser cutter or adjusting a layout on a computer. Most of all, you need to be an excellent team player, a quick learner, and possess a stellar work ethic.

We hire administrators. 

To keep the gears turning smoothly, Trademark requires several administrative roles. As we grow, we expect openings in HR, marketing, project management or customer relationships. 



We have no openings we are trying to fill at the moment, but you’re welcome to send a resume or portfolio to