Chateau des Fleurs

The Campus at Camille Beckman

The Camille Beckman Campus started in the year 2000 as a community area where people could come together to create memories and share moments. The Campus is extensive, featuring the Camille Beckman Headquarters, large garden, and the latest addition Chateau des Fluers. 

Chateau des Fleurs, Eagle's new high-end French restaurant and wedding venue is a unique environment that incorporates elements of Versailles and Rosemary Verey's gardens. With this new addition to the campus, the Camille Beckman family came to Trademark looking to create an entryway sign that matched the aesthetic of the new building and overall feel of the Campus.

Trademark incorporated unique accents for the sign that were gilded in 23-karat gold leaf. The signs have been displayed in a classic serifed typeface and a clean scriptural font. These elements combined with the color tone, tied in perfectly to the environment of the campus. The garden monument sign was built with a more natural look. It has been set into the earth with a large sandstone brick frame.  The sign is framed by two large rocks to accent the sign to mirror the raw, natural look of the land.