Chinese Hospital San Francisco


The exterior donor sculpture at the Chinese Hospital in San Francisco is a swirl of colorful tablets that dance away from the steady glow of the custom red lamp. We were excited to have this project come to us through a mutual professional connection and to be able to compete against other larger companies closer to the San Francisco area for the honor of creating this piece. The many elements of the Phoenix at the Chinese Hospital took ingenuity and a fine attention to detail in order to ensure the perfection of each piece.


Donor Recognition

Specialty Fabrication

Exterior Artistic Elements Display

Design and Fabrication Consultation


San Francisco, California              

The sun in this piece required plenty of engineering and innovation on Trademark’s part. With some trial and error we were able to make this completely specialty fabricated element with the help of our friends at Boise Art Glass, who produced a totally custom slumped glass dome. We then took the glass, and carefully lasered the donor's name into the front of it. We engineered and tested several sconces with electrical hook ups for the glass to fit around and finally got it just right, so that the whole thing glowed like the setting sun over China.