Into The Great

The City of Ontario lies just beyond the border of Idaho. It is an iconic thoroughfare for the outdoor lover. A city in a developmental boom and in possession of a rich agricultural history, Ontario is overflowing with opportunities for your next step into the wilderness. The surrounding areas about with the mystery of the great outdoors.

Gateway To

As the city enters a new phase of cultural and economic development, Ontario’s personality is changing. This, in turn, prompted the city to revolutionize their brand identity and create a city-wide wayfinding system. When approaching this project, it was important to retain elements of place and history. Significant landmarks and cultural patterns played important parts in the development of the logo and wayfinding.

Adding To The

As we worked on the logo, Malheur Butte, which can be spotted from a distance as one approaches Ontario, quickly became a local point for the logo design. Trademark created several illustrations and developed brand color options based on Ontario’s landscape. Through a highly collaborative community process, we developed cultural patterns and symbols to incorporate into the wayfinding system. This required working with several cultural organizations and the general public. The result is that the wayfinding system is not simply a guide to the physical locations of the city, but is a narrative about the new and old stories that make up the personality of the City of Ontario. 

A United Identity

The final identity package included primary logos and logo variations, brand colors, brand assets (which included branded illustrations) and guidelines on how to use the new logo. In addition to the brand guidelines, we created finalized designs for a city-wide wayfinding system utilizing the new branding.