Dawson Taylor – Lusk District

Old Friends

We love our return customers. Having done work with Dawson Taylor in the past (you can find the link Here) we were thrilled to get the call to help with the continuation of their brand at their location in the Lust District. We took advantage of such a great corner location, painting murals on the exterior to provide as a beacon for coffee seekers coming from any direction, thus turning the coffee roasters into a Lusk District landmark.

We battled the cold winds of winter and the erratic rains of spring in order to get this project up. The job was completed in two sessions, one in January, the second in the first few days of April. Why did it take two sessions? We wanted to ensure the quality of the piece by making sure the paint was going to go on even and dry before the elements got to it.

Make sure the next time you are in the Lusk District to swing by Dawson Taylor and try some of their fresh roasted coffee while you admire our handy work.