Dawson Taylor

A Boise Roastery

Dawson Taylor is a local coffee roastery that has been blending coffee since 1995.  Inside their roastery, you can find them using traditional European style roasters to create their distinct coffee roasts and blends. Dawson Taylor prides themselves on caring about the quality of the bean and where their beans come from. Over the years Dawson's has developed longstanding personal relationships with their farmers to ensure a ethically green practice and that their beans are from the highest quality of crop.

Dawson Taylor has watched their business steadily expand since 1995. As one of the most prominent coffee roasters in the Boise area, they knew it was time to update their branding to keep up with their growing success. Together, Trademark worked hand in hand with Dawson Taylor to develop a new identity—a branding style that would reflect Dawson's traditional style, their practice of green quality farming, while having the refinement of a modern logo to match where their growing business.

It didn't stop with a logo, Trademark continued to work with Dawson's to help introduce their new identity through brand implementation including: coffee cups, menus, airpot wraps, and custom coffee dispenser displays for local grocery stores.