Donor Recognition Displays

Some projects are just too big to do on your own and even large companies need a little help sometimes. That’s where capital campaigns come in. Building a new wing in a hospital or new habitats at the local zoo is no small effort. Projects that large require a lot of time, effort, and let’s face it, money. So when the donations from those invested individuals or corporate sponsors make it possible to complete your project, a great way to show your gratitude is through a donor wall dedicated to those who helped.

At Trademark Design and Fabrication, Donor walls are a familiar friend. We work closely with the clients to ensure it matches the overall brand of their company, as well as the feel of that particular facility. Through themed design and personalized branding, we are able to work with the architecture of the chosen location to make sure it seamlessly becomes an enriching part of the space. This is why the design aspect is so important when it comes to recognizing those who donated to your project. It allows them to become a lasting part of the project they helped build, immortalized on the very walls themselves.

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Let’s Get Creative!

Donor walls come in a wide array of materials, styles, designs and concepts. Anything from an undulating outdoor school of fish, to a colorful glass wall with a custom feature of light and glass that looks like the sun. We usually suggest that clients plan to set aside about 5% of the campaign budget to be put towards the recognition of those who contributed. For example, if a project is going to cost around 1 million dollars, there should be around $50,000 of the budget set aside for the donor recognition.  An impactful donor piece will typically range from 30,000 to 50,000 dollars. This will allow for the time to create something that will reflect the scale and quality of the project through design and materials.

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