Connecting People to Place

Designing for the built environment requires a deep understanding of space, materials, and existing architecture. As Boise’s environmental branding and environmental graphic’s specialists, we combine the use of graphic design, texture, color, and spatial planning to create immersive environments that connect people to place. Whether you’re looking for branding statements in your hallway or common areas, or a themed environments for the kids, Trademark’s team of design professionals are here to help guide you every step-of-the-way. 



Transform the Space You’re In

Now more than ever, it’s important to create environments where employees, visitors, and customers alike can form meaningful connections. From hospital spaces like Idaho Elk’s Children’s Pavilion that promote healing, to workplaces that instill a sense of pride in employees, our comprehensive environmental graphics services will increase your brand recognition and transform your space into a memorable and inspiring place for visitors and employees to enjoy. 

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