Gas Monkey

Gas Monkey

Since the 1950s, America has been a "graveyard of classic cars". There are vintage vehicles hidden and stored all across the country. Gas Monkey intends to find these cars and restore them greater than their former glory. Motor mastermind Richard Rawlings and mechanical prodigy Aaron Kaufmann search the far-flung corners of Texas and surrounding states for forgotten and derelict classic cars to buy and restore at their garage in Dallas, Texas.

Gas Monkey exploded in popularity when Discovery Channel created a reality TV show about the shop "Fast n' Loud".  The show follows the employees of Gas Monkey as they scour the earth for cool cars, tear them apart and put them back together. The unique characters at the shop combined with their individual talents has made the show a prime time hit. If you haven't seen the show take the time to check it out and see the cool work that these guys are doing.

About the Garage

The Gas Monkey garage is located near the airport in Dallas, Texas. The owners of the shop thought it would be cool to have a large rooftop graphic to advertise their shop as planes flew overhead. The shop contacted a local roofer called Centimark to ask if they could transfer their logo to the roof of their shop. Centimark happens to have another branch in Boise, Idaho who worked with Trademark a few years prior to create a large graphic for the rooftop of Micron Technology.

As another rooftop opportunity arose, Centimark contacted John and Jason (Co-owners) of Trademark. After several months of talking and planning John and Jason flew down to Dallas, Fort Worth with a plan on how to transfer the logo into a large roof graphic. Armed with markers, paper and an aptitude for long days, Trademark and Centimark broke down the logo and rebuilt it on the roofs of the Gas monkey buildings. Now regularly featured on the TV show and viewed by thousands of passengers on planes the Gas Monkey Logo can be seen from the skies showing the location of the infamous garage.