Building a Treefort with Friends

Treefort one of Boise's largest cultural events transforms our quaint and sometimes serious downtown into a playground for the young at heart. For Boise to transform into this wonderland it takes a great deal of planning, work and attention to detail on all aspects of the event. Treefort and Trademark are a great partnership, allowing our creative side to flourish while providing high quality fabricated displays and props that are easy to set up and last through the unpredictable Boise spring weather.

Branding & Beyond

When you fully appreciate branding you realize it goes beyond a logo, a website and print collateral. It even goes beyond signs. To really allow for the festival goer to feel fully immersed we helped provide little elements, little touches of detail, that allow for the suspension of disbelief. We had a lot of fun considering how to apply Treefort's unique brand throughout the festival. We hand paint faux wood and bark patterns with worn design elements, to fit the rustic playful theme.

Toys for Days... Son!

A special contribution we made this year was producing Toys for Treefort. Every year Treefort has toys for the young and the young at heart, to go alongside more adult merchandise. We love the opportunity to flex that creative muscle and produced two sets of playful blocks, we call them Tree Chunks. Each set begs to be mismatched, with new creatures and environments being formed with creative play.