Sponsoring The Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge

This year marks the launch of the Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge, a major state-wide business plan competition within Idaho's colleges and universities. This series of events will scour the minds of Idaho's brightest students for great new business ideas. Teams will turn their ideas into either plans or models, and compete for over $100,000 worth of prizes. The statewide finals will take place from March 4-7th, and will be hosted by Boise State University. Trademark believes in empowering the next generation of Idaho's entrepreneurs, and has decided to sponsor the competition. The grand prize winners will receive a startup "runway" package, which will include $40,000 cash, a legal package from a law firm, an accounting package from an accountant, and (best of all) a branding and signage package from Trademark. This combination of support should give the winning team the best chances imaginable for starting its new business.

In addition to the support package for the winning team, we are also providing support for the competition itself, providing the competition directors with banners, sidewalk stencils, vinyl decals, and (best of all) a giant novelty check:

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the lifeblood of Idaho's economy, and our primary customer-base here at Trademark Sign Company. In many ways, our success here at Trademark is directly tied to the success of Idaho's small business community. This is why, regardless of the size of your company (or the depth of your pockets), we will strive to provide you with unique solutions to your design or fabrication problems. This is also why we want to support the Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge. We want to foster a welcoming and supportive community for Idaho's next generation of business owners, and sponsoring this competition is a great way to do so.