Laundry Haus Environmental Branding

Laundry Haus

Public Laundromat With A Modern Spin

Boise, Idaho is well on its way to becoming the next big, little city. With the recent influx of people from neighboring states, the local housing and rental market has presented a real concern for Boise natives. With unprecedented housing prices and limited availability, locals have had to explore alternative housing solutions that may or may not have washer and dryer amenities. It was Laundry Haus’s vision to create an inviting and uplifting space for Boise residents without laundry capabilities.

Public laundromats were first introduced in the 1930’s and provided a centralized place for individuals and families to experience a luxury they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. The owners of Laundry Haus wanted to revisit the idea of a opening a public laundromat, but with a modern spin. They sought out Trademark to create a unique brand identity and a vibrant space for self-service laundry in Boise, Idaho.

Laundry Haus Environmental Branding

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