Lost Grove Brewing

Destination Beer

Lost Grove Brewing is located in the heart of the Lusk District—Boise’s newest up-and-coming neighborhood. This hidden gem is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of downtown and is just a few minutes walk to the river and the Boise State campus. As one of the pioneers of Payette Brewing, it's safe to say—the founder of Lost Grove Brewing is no amateur to the craft beer scene. The beer brewed inside Lost Grove is an intersection of art and science. Whether you’re into bold and adventurous IPAs, sours, or are simply looking to relax by drinking something light and smooth. This intimate 70-seat taproom and brewery provides a casual, yet sophisticated escape for beer connoisseurs, college students, and neighborhood tenants alike.

Thinking Outside the Hops

The owner of Lost Grove came to Trademark with a vision of creating a unique, one-of-a-kind environment where individuals could go to find a sense of reprieve and escape from the daily grind. After hearing the owner's story and passion for his craft, we knew what Lost Grove needed was a new identity—an identity that was unique and able to speak on its own. 

Getting Lost

“Find Your Lost Grove”, was the inspiration behind the entire project. A Lost Grove is defined by the individual, it is a state of mind, an escape, a favorite place to go. Whatever the Lost Grove may be, half the fun is often found in the journey that gets you there. Whether it’s traveling to a new city or hiking to the top of the mountain. Our own two feet are responsible for getting us to our destination. The footprint behind Lost Grove’s identity is symbolic of the mark we leave behind and the imprint that is left upon us.

Services Provided

  • Logo Identity Package

  • Branded Applications

  • Environmental Design 

  • Specialty Fabrication

Thank You For Not Discussing the Outside World

Lost Grove resides in a sea of tan buildings. It was our vision to transform Lost Grove Brewing into a landmark destination by creating a sense of place for those who choose to enter into the world of Lost Grove Brewing. The exterior features a bold color pallet, dimensional signage with carved HDU letters, large-scale panted watermarks, and frosted vinyl application. As you enter inside the brewery, you are presented with a warm and welcoming environment with open seating and view of the brewers in action. The interior is comprised of a collection of brick, wood, steel, and copper—creating a modern space with an old-fashioned energy. This unique taproom features a hand-painted mural, destination wall, beer menu, and custom laser engraved tap handles.

Get Lost. Live in the Moment. Be Present.