Lyle Pearson 200

The Lyle Pearson 200 is a one of Idaho’s most cherished bicycle events. It begins in Boise and traverses nearly two-hundred miles of picturesque highway, before finishing in the chic ski-town of Ketchum. Four-person teams compete relay-style, to see who can cover the distance the quickest. The route is divided into nine segments, some flat, some rolly, while others fearlessly scale high-mountain passes.

Sam and Tom on the start line!

Some of the beautiful countryside outside Stanley, Idaho.

Teams are allowed to start between one and four riders per segment, adding a tricky element of strategy. All in all, the event takes roughly ten hours, and each rider pedals a total of about ninety miles.

Tom and Sam ride closely together to take advantage of the draft.

The LP200 a longstanding tradition for Trademark Sign Company. Co-founders John Yarnell and Jason Keeble have been participating on the same team since 2006. Tom Elder (who rents office space from Trademark) has also ridden with the team since its inception, and Dick Carter (who consults Cory on Trademark’s accounting practices), manages the team. The team rides wearing the Look! Save a Life jersey. Look! Save a Life is a cycling safety organization that John and Jason started in 2009—read more here.

Dick Carter did a fantastic job as manager.

For the 2013 edition of the race, the team recruited Trademark’s own Sam Johnson, a former rider for the (now defunct) Team Exergy. Last year, Sam competed in the biggest races of the country, including the Tour of California, the Tour of Utah, and the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, so he made a strong addition to the Trademark team. Sam still rides with his team-issued bike, sporting custom graphics designed and installed by Trademark (see the Team Exergy gallery here).

Some of Trademark’s handiwork.

Although times are kept, the Lyle Pearson is not a competitive event. This year, however, to spice things up, team Cycle Logix (also using bikes with Trademark-designed  graphics), challenged the Look! team to a friendly competition. The two teams were very closely matched, and the day was filled with drama. The lead changed many times throughout the day, and all the action was captured on video. Expect a short documentary about the event soon. Stay tuned!

The Look! Save a Life team poses with the Cycle Logix team at the end of the day. Tired, but satisfied all around.