Madre Taqueria downtown Boise, Idaho custom sign

Madre Taqueria

To Mothers, Warm Bellies, and Full Bellies

Chef John Cuevas, a James Beard Award semi-finalist and his wife Julie the previous Director of Food & Beverage at the iconic Montage in Laguna Beach, CA took the leap of faith in 2018 to pursue their life-long dream of opening a boutique-style taqueria. After months of searching for the perfect spot, they stumbled upon an old warehouse in the up-and-coming Lusk District in downtown Boise, Idaho. This once warehouse, has since been transformed into the neighborhood hotspot for delicious food and drink. From craft beer to adventurous tacos and comfort food, Madre’s offers a little something for everyone.
Madre Taqueria Food Menu Design

Let’s Get Saucy 

The Cuevas are passionate about sourcing and incorporating sustainably-grown and locally-sourced ingredients into their food. After hearing the passion behind their craft, when it came to approaching the identity mark for Madre, we looked straight to the source for inspiration.

As a mixed-media studio, we enjoy rolling up our sleeves and getting a little dirty from time to time. Our approach to brand identities sometimes begins with pencil and paper and sometimes it begins with sauce painting or muddy footprints. For Madre, we began our logo sketching process by lining up a table of taco ingredients and each designer selected their medium of choice. After a few short hours, our team left with a couple of hot sauce masterpieces that were then photographed and sent to the computer to become digitized.

After establishing the logo identity for Madre, we worked alongside the Cuevas to develop brand collateral for the restaurant which included business cards, apparel and swag, menus, and table toppers.

Madre Taqueria downtown Boise, Idaho building signage

Stay Awhile

With a logo derived from hot sauce and an intense love for taco ingredients, it was important for us to capture the essence and shape that hot sauce holds. When it came to choosing the right material for the exterior sign, we chose High Density Urethane (HDU) as our material of choice. HDU has an amazing sculptural quality to it, allowing our CNC router and fabrication specialists to dimensionalize this hand-drawn logo into a sculptural, hot sauce dream.

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