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Located at the intersection of 8th and Main, the Capitol Terrace Building has served as an iconic landmark and pioneer in the character development of downtown Boise, Idaho. In 1988, the building challenged the norm and set the standard for what downtown would become; a lively venue for all audiences to connect with one another. With enclosed parking garages, terrace seating, and outdoor escalators, the terrace provided a unique meeting place for Boise natives and visitors to dine, shop and connect. Nearly 30 years later, Boise has since become one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. As the heartbeat of downtown, the Capitol Terrace building was long overdue for a face-lift. Adopting the name Main + Marketplace, this newly remodeled central meeting place has helped revive the bustling downtown area yet again. 

A Place Of

The logo identity for Main + Marketplace was inspired by the intersection of roads and the vibrant energy exuding from the surrounding area. When approaching this brand identity project it was important for us to create something youthful and energetic for this newly transformed area. From conceptualizing a logo identity, to developing a comprehensive signage system for the exterior, it was our goal to help transform this prized location into a modern, yet lively meeting place once again.

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