Nampa Public Library

The Learning Environment

     The Nampa Public Library has come a long way since its 1908 grand opening. Breaking ground in early 2013 and completed March 14, 2015 the beautiful new facility  lives in the heart of downtown Nampa. Large windows and open spaces make for an inviting and comfortable place the entire community can enjoy.

     While the construction of the new building was underway, they came to Trademark to find a unique wayfinding identity that incorporated the Library's theme of nature and a sense of playfulness. The three levels of the building were to be seen as the different layers of the jungle - the forest floor, the canopy, and the sky. To tie in this theme we designed the butterfly, squirrel, and the owl as wayfinding identity markers. These markers not only lead patrons to the different levels but create a cohesive visual identity that aids in the Library's mission statement of creating a "welcoming community gathering space."

Donor Projects

     Several projects within the Library were a collaboration between Trademark, local artists, and community donors who were gracious enough to make this Library possible. Entering into the lobby you're greeted by the first donor piece by local artists Stephanie Inman and Jerri Lisk. Printed on four panels of europly the aluminum birds are laser engraved with the donor's name and include three different tiers for the levels of donations.

Book Plaque

     Sitting beside the main entrance  is the commemorative plaque thanking the community donors and all the people who helped make the Library possible.  Constructed of engraved aluminum and birch europly we routed the aluminum on our in-house CNC router and stained the wooden panels two different shades to give it the dimensional book quality.

Community Donors

     The third donation piece sits on the top floor next to the Nampa Smiles Terrace which gives a beautiful view of Nampa and the foothills in the distance. This "Community Donors" piece allows members of the community to donate to the library and in exchange a wooden book is placed on the shelf titled with their name.

Micron Foundation

     The Micron Foundation was one of the largest donors to the Library project, generously donating 380K toward the technology and automated book handling system. In talking with Claire Connley, the library's interim director, we agreed that their generosity should be recognized, and so we got to work on designing a custom plaque.  The design incorporates the owl motif and wooden accents seen throughout the library with a nod to the technology  that has made the Micron Foundation such a success.

Opening Day

     After all the hard work and months of preparation, when the Library opened its doors and members of the community flooded in we were filled with pride to be able to be a part of this beautiful space. Thanks to everyone who helped make the new Nampa Public Library a reality!