Payette Brewing

Payette Brewing

Tapping into Payette Brewing’s New Location

Payette brewing are the original beer pioneers of the Boise area, setting the standard for craft beer in the Treasure Valley. In 2018 they opened a 32,000 square-foot facility that included a taproom and canning room in addition to the brewhouse. Next to the Boise River and minutes away from downtown, this has become the perfect destination for river-goers, bikers, and beer connoisseurs alike. For those looking to stay and relax with a cold beer, or those looking to pick up a six pack on the way home, this brewery is sure to become a destination for beer drinkers everywhere.
Payette Brewing Facade Artwork

Bringing the Sawtooth Mountain Range to Boise

Drake Cooper created Payette Brewing’s award winning brand years ago. With big dreams for the new location, Drake Cooper came to Trademark to provide for creative consultation, design engineering, and fabrication for the signage plan for the new facility. A black and white photo of the Sawtooth Mountain range became much of the inspiration for the direction of the brewery. The mountain range was recreated on the front face of the building, which transformed this 100 foot facade into a beautiful posterized landscape of the Sawtooth Mountain Range. Payette Brewing’s logo can be seen rising behind these mountains, as sure as the sun does each day.

Extended Branding

Inspired by the wood grain logo found on Payette’s beer cans, we wanted to carry that imagery onto more elements of the building. The large letters on the exterior were created, making Payette Brewing’s signage unique, textured, and three-dimensional. The rusticness of the building and the brand itself is carried over to these informational pieces, sharing its originality. The exterior is enhanced with the wall graphic of the tap, signifying the Tap Room. This bright orange corner of the building catches the passerby’s eye and communicates to them through the image of the tap, as well as the text. A watermark was applied to another side of the building, similar to a cowboy’s brand, being a playful application to all of thow who know the company and their identity.
Payette Brewing Signage

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