Connecting People To Place

Designing for the built environment—is more than just a coat of paint. Environmental design has its own unique formula, requiring the execution of planning, creative problem solving, and  ability to successfully present complex information to a diverse audience. Here at Trademark, we specialize in just that. As environmental designers, we’re interested in using our passion for dimensional design to create unique environments that help connect people to place.

What is Environmental Graphic Design?

The term environmental graphic design, evolved from the overwhelming success of the collaboration between architects and designers. Through the understanding of shared design principles, designers and architects work together to solidify a sense of place, guide individuals through complex spaces, reinforce existing architecture, all with a goal of designing a space to be an experience.

EGD = Graphics + Wayfinding + Signage

Graphics - help to define a space while reinforcing the atmosphere it is trying to create by visually communicating information, words, and content by reinforcing the significance of the space and its structures.

Wayfinding - helps guide individuals through a space using guides such as symbols directional cues, maps and color. Wayfinding systems are strategically designed to help navigate, inform, and communicate.

The Workplace & Company Perception

Creating A Sense of Place 

EGD plays a crucial role in how people use and experience the built environment. It helps define space as well as a building’s personality by reinforcing the character and overall intentions of the architecture through the combined use of graphics, directional cues, and signage. Well designed signage and environmental graphic programs help to inform, direct, and identify, ultimately creating a sense of well-being, safety, and security in unfamiliar environments. An environmental designer’s job, is to anticipate visitor patterns and enhance the overall user experience by intentionally leading visitors through your space, never letting user failure be an option.

EGD In The Workplace

The perception of our surroundings have a very real effect on our mood and how we interact with those around us. Creating the right environment by applying tailored design principles to a committed company culture can help inspire, motivate, and promote communication within your team. As your company begins to grow, it is important to teach new employees and remind senior staff why they work so hard. Instill a sense of pride in you employees work by giving them visual representation of their success. Emphasizing your company brand and story with unique materials and company colors helps to welcome clients, employees, and guests alike—creating a memorable impression. As we all know, the first impression can be everything. What do you want your space to say about you?

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