RDA Update

This is a continuation of our previous post about Riche, Dempsey and Associates. If you haven’t read that post yet, start here first. To further extend RDA’s brand identity, we added some signage to the front door of their business. We used a CNC-routed acrylic piece with vinyl graphics, similar to the larger one in then entryway. We also mounted some laser-cut acrylic lettering alongside the logo to add interest to the sign. Here Rainey carefully aligns the dimensional logo to the door:

The end result is door signage that clearly marks where RDA is located, and makes strong use of their branding.

The next thing that RDA asked us to do was create a business card holder that was both stylish and functional. Our designers got right to work, and developed an idea that made use of the vertical alignment of the names on the cards. Here’s a sketch:

The design was then translated into our design software and sent to RDA for approval:

They loved the design, and gave us the green light to build it. The stand was made from several layers of laser-cut acrylic, sandwiched together. A layer of matte vinyl was applied to the surface of the stand to create the watermark. The base was hand-cut from a piece of walnut wood, and then laser etched with RDA’s logo. The piece now sits on their reception desk.