Rhodes Skate Park

A Unique Sanctuary for the Wild and Free Ideas of Nature

The conflict of wilderness and natural spaces are unique to Boise, where a short drive can take you into the thick of untouched wilderness. Rhodes Skate Park sits in an area that makes it difficult to remember serene nature-scapes. Roads wrap around this small park and at first notice, that sounds uncomfortable and constricting. Yet, Rhodes Skate Park becomes a unique sanctuary for the wild and free ideas of nature. The soaring essence of a kick-flip, the cat-like pounce of a turn vault, skateboarding, parkour and other urban sports remind us we are still wild.

Our intent was to create designs and build artwork that gives the visitor a sense of place, blurring the lines between urban and the wild aspects of nature. Reminding us of the importance of entertaining our more natural selves while being encapsulated in our urban environment.

Landmark Letters

Rhodes emerges from the earth as if left by a passing glacier or pushed up by tectonic forces. Each letter conveys the duality of a concrete park. The type is made of industrial, powder-coated steel and has a skeleton of abstracted, intersecting roads. The juxtaposition of the industrial materials to the organic layout remind us, how blurred the definition of nature can be. The sculpture comes alive as you move by, and the overlapping letters provide a unique view depending on the visitor’s approach.

Donor Wall 

Rupturing from the ground as if forced from a subterranean rift. The natural vaulting of this donor wall elevates its members to a higher plane. These rigid peaks showcase wooden skateboard fragments with the donor names inscribed. We collaborated with 

Finch Tower & Interpretive Sign

Trademark collaborated with local artist Stephanie Inman to provide creative consultation, design engineering, fabrication and installation services for other elements inside the park including: interpretive panels with a custom stanchion and totem style art signage soaring over 20ft tall.  

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