River Edge

Modern Student Living

The aptly-named River Edge Apartments is a beautiful apartment complex located off the Greenbelt. Just minutes from downtown and blocks away from Boise State University, these luxurious off-campus apartments offer all the amenities today’s modern college student could ask for. River Edge came to Trademark for an identity that would appeal to college students—an identity that was classy, yet hip and fun. However, developing a logo identity is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a brand that individuals can connect with. Once we established the identity for River Edge, we conceptualized a unique sign system, identifying opportunities for interior and exterior branding elements. Creating an environment that meets the demands of today’s millennials requires careful and thoughtful understanding of the entire space and the audience it serves. River Edge features a dynamic monument sign, blade sign, interior/exterior window graphics, dimensional wayfinding and interior design elements.