The New CNC-Router

Since we first opened our doors in 2009, Trademark has been contemplating getting our own CNC-router (which stands for Computer Numerical Control-router). These tools allow us to make precision cuts through a variety of materials, from wood, to aluminum, to high-density urethane (HDU). A CNC-router can cut out shapes with a level of precision and speed that no human can match, so clearly, owning one is a huge advantage for a shop like Trademark. However, CNC-routers are neither cheap, nor easy to use. They are also huge, which is why we couldn't even contemplate getting one until we moved into our new shop space. Well the time has finally come, and we've added a powerful new tool to Trademark's in-house capabilities. Simply moving the giant machine into its new home was quite a challenge.

Our router has an automatic tool-changer, which allows us to program cuts that use several different router bits to achieve various effects. Some cuts we want to have a square edge, while others we want a bevel or a round-over. Without the tool-changer, we'd have to stop the machine, and manually change-out the bit for each cut.

Our new router has a powerful vacuum that creates a tremendous amount of suction. It is used to hold whatever substrate we're cutting in place so it doesn't move while the router is cutting.

The range of cuts we can achieve is astounding, especially when you remember that the router is capable of cutting along all three planes in space—not just forward, back and side to side (the X and Y axis) but also up and down (the Z-axis). Cuts that utilize the Z-axis are easier to appreciate when we're cutting thicker material, like HDU.

You can see in the photos below just how precise this machine can be and how beautiful the end results are. Just look at that beveled corner of the "R!" We can't wait to explore all the capabilities of this machine in creating truly custom work!