Idaho Elks Children's Pavilion

Environments That Promote Healing

Idaho Elks Children’s Pavilion at St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center is a brand new, state-of-the-art children’s medical facility located in downtown Boise, Idaho. The pavilion features five unique floors, each with their own theme. Each floor was designed to promote wellness in patients, visitors, and staff-members alike. From larger-than-life sculptures and interactive play structures, to integrated wall-graphics and wayfinding elements, each floor comes alive with imagery found in Idaho’s great outdoors.

Nurturing With
Nature And Art

We teamed up with our sister company Studio Capacitor to see this project to completion. Utilizing the studio’s skills in storytelling, technology, engineering and fabrication. With nature being the inspiration for this expansive project, a family of charismatic animals were developed to feature throughout the pavilion. These colorful creatures help create a whimsical and welcoming environment for children and their families. Both inside and outside the pavilion, you can find these geometric inspired animals frolicking about in their natural habitat.


Including public art in healthcare facilities is becoming a more frequent practice, creating inspiring results. In this particular project it brings color and play into every aspect of the facility. Children are encouraged to explore and learn about the beauty that lies in and around Boise while they wait for their appointment, going on adventures without ever having to leave the building. The custom design, engineering and fabrication of the illusion boxes (featured below), or the light up interactive art installation (featuring the different river systems spanning Idaho), encourage kids to point, touch and learn.

Larger Than Life

Each elevator area has its own illustration to introduce the theme of that particular floor with its very own color scheme. The wayfinding systems integrate beautifully into the environment, sporting playful animals and bright colors. The custom playstructures were designed specifically for this project and specially fabricated by the crew.