State and Lemp

When restaurateurs Remi McManus and Jay Henry came to Trademark to begin identity work on their new upscale restaurant State & Lemp, it was immediately clear that this restaurant was trying to do things differently. While many fantastic new restaurants have opened recently in Boise (AlavitaThe Dish, and Yokozuna Teriyaki being just a few), State & Lemp is offering something unique: a fixed-price, five-course meal. Their meals are creative, thoughtful, and unique and they needed a visual identity to reflect that. We helped transform their space with custom door pulls, exterior signage, window graphics, and wall murals, as well as a full identity suite including business cards and logo design.

To read more about how State and Lemp's beautiful logo was developed, read the blog post about the process here.

State & Lemp Logo

 Watch the masters in their element in this beautiful video by Guy HandWatch on Vimeo