James Sharp

Shop Manager

James Sharp is a modern day renaissance man. He’s the Technical Director of Boise’s much loved Redlight Variety Show (a wildly entertaining combination of theater, circus acts, burlesque, and more). He does everything from manage the business, to design posters, to build sets, to capture and edit video, to choreograph and perform in parts of the show itself. He’s a prolific visual and sculptural artist, and his work has been featured at galleries and art festivals throughout Idaho.

He and Sam Johnson have collaborated since 2012 on several large-scale puppetry projects, including King Dazbog and the Canopy of Dragonflies. He’s the art director for multiple art festivals, and curates the performance art at the Treefort Music Fest. James is a Boise native, he’s got a business degree from Boise State University, and he and his son currently live in the North End of Boise.