Simon Lacey

Industrial Designer / Illustrator

Simon is a man of many talents, from his expertise in 3D rendering software to his ability to produce technical drawings, he continually elevates Trademark in the world of dimensional design. His passion for the outdoors, music and gaming influence the depth and style of his projects. Simon was born in Canada and moved to Minnesota as a teenager. A University of Wisconsin Stout graduate in Industrial Design (2012), he was awarded the US patent # 23598 for his innovative rock climbing cam for his Senior Project.

Since graduation, Simon has launched two Kickstarters for his personal projects of Kandrite and Forlorn. Simon’s greatest strengths can be seen in Industrial Design, illustration, game design and creative problem solutions. In his spare time he enjoys exploring the great outdoors and playing board games. His upbeat personality and his passion for exceptional design makes Simon the perfect addition to the Trademark puzzle.