Tyler Cook


Upon his arrival at Trademark, Tyler quickly became the shops right hand man, as he was literally the only right handed man in the shop. A Boise native, he spent ten years in Los Angeles working in the Art Department at Nickelodeon. Tyler spent his days dressing sets for live action sitcoms—and yes he knows how to make the infamous green slime! Unsure of  how those skills would be applicable in Boise, made the move back home a little uneasy. That was—until he found Trademark. His experience transforming blank spaces into vibrant, large scale art installations was exactly what Trademark was looking for. As it turns out, working and playing alongside other innovators and artists helping to add a little color and life to the city of Boise was exactly what Tyler wanted. They found each other, pure symbiosis.

When not creating in the shop, Tyler can be found creating in the kitchen or outside exploring the great unknown. Every year he wins best uncle in the universe, awarded by his two nieces, Maya and Robyn.  He thought he liked to ride his bike but has quickly learned one does not simply “ride a bike” at Trademark.