Treefort 2017

Treefort Takeover

Treefort, has become one of the most anticipated events of the year for Boise natives—transforming all of downtown into a giant cultural affair with an array of music venues. Treefort isn't just a music festival, it offers something for everyone, from the food and beer connoisseurs to the yogis, film buffs and tech savvy individuals. Trademark and Treefort have had a relationship from the very beginning in 2011. Trademark has designed and fabricated everything from custom wayfinding elements and large entryways to smaller, unique custom items such as block toys and puzzles. For Treefort 2017, members of the Treefort team came to Trademark with hopes to create an iconic landmark for the main stage area. With all members on board, "Treefortland" came to be.


Design Consultation



Specialty Fabrication 


Treefortland, was inspired by the whimsical nature of Treefort and the artwork created by James Lloyd. It was Trademark's vision to create something iconic—a piece that would inspire festival goers. It all started with a mere doodle which soon evolved into a giant 35 foot, multi-dimensional facade. Treefortland, features the signature turret character who sits above the treeline leading the cheering crowd as they watch overhead. 

With the unpredictability of Boise's early Spring weather and the challenges of attaching to the facade of a large tent, Trademark needed to design something that was not only weather resistant but could also be safely assembled and mounted overhead. The entire Trademark team jumped on board to design and fabricate this landmark piece. From the hand-sewn arms to the hand-painted trees, Treefortland is meant to inspire and instill a sense of wonderment for those who enter into the world of Treefort.