A Growing Company

The American economy depends on semi-trucks moving freight from point A to point B. The Idaho-based tech company helps match loads with trucks, and has risen to be one of the dominant players in this industry. They use powerful cloud-based, data-driven matching services that can manage demand in real time. Entire fleets of trucks can be redirected with a mouse-click, meaning more freight can get to its destination faster than ever before. is a fast-growing company, trying to succeed in a fast-paced world. It needed a business interior that reflects the current success and capabilities of the company. When Truckstop decided they needed to take their interior branding to the next level, they came to Trademark.

As soon as the elevator doors open, you immediately know you have arrived at As you make your way to the reception area you are welcomed by a rustic wood wall, featuring a flame-polished dimensional logo and hand-painted watermark resembling the feel of an old truck stop. Once you have arrived at the custom reception desk you may be surprised to see two faux semi-truck doors serving as the back drop for the reception desk. Aside from being a unique backdrop, the faux doors also serve as the wall divider between the lobby and the hallway. In the communal work space you can find relief carved wall dividers featuring highway patterns. The goal was to create aesthetically pleasing dividers that would help limit the amount of distractions for the employees by blocking the view of high-traffic areas. Each element chosen for the space was completely custom an tailored for the space to help create a inviting and unique work space for

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