Helping Visitors Find Their Way With Wayfinding

Though the term may seem unfamiliar to some, “wayfinding” is all around us and comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes. If you’ve ever used a building directory, or relied on a bathroom identifier or directional signage to get you where you need to go—you’ve experienced wayfinding. Wayfinding systems combine the use of color, typography, and symbols to successfully guide visitors to their destination. Trademark specializes in custom directional or wayfinding signs for interior and exterior spaces. From restaurants or breweries, to high traffic spaces such as hospitals or libraries, our team of wayfinding specialists are here to help guide visitors to their destination.

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Guide Visitors To
Their Destination

Our signage solutions are strategically designed to help manage high traffic spaces while enhancing overall brand recognition. Without a well-designed directional system, visitors can be left feeling confused, lost, or irritated, which can have a negative impact on your brand and your space. From room identifiers and directional signage, to developing a thematic signage system for hospitals, parks, or universities, our design & build capabilities enable us to oversee each project through, from inception to completion. 

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