What in the World is Wayfinding?

Though the term may seem unfamiliar to some, “wayfinding” is all around us and comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes. If you’ve ever used a building directory, or relied on a bathroom identifier or directional signage to get you where you need to go—you’ve experienced wayfinding. Wayfinding systems combine the use of color, typography, and symbols to successfully guide visitors to their destination. 

At Trademark, our wayfinding solutions are strategically designed to help manage high traffic spaces while enhancing overall brand recognition. Without a well designed wayfinding system, visitors can be left confused, lost, or irritated, which can have a negative impact on your brand and your space. From room identifiers and directional signage to developing a thematic wayfinding system for an entire space, our design & build capabilities enable us to see your project through from inception to completion. 

The goal of wayfinding is to create a system that enhances the overall user experience by providing essential information to help guide visitors to their destination, safely and efficiently. We find that David Gibson in his book, The Wayfinding Handbook, illustrates our philosophy perfectly;

“The wayfinding designer is responsible for enhancing how a space is experienced by finding order in chaos without destroying character…wayfinding design provides guidance and the means to help people feel at ease in their surroundings,” (Gibson, David. The Wayfinding Handbook. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2009. Print.)

As wayfinding designers, we believe it is our responsibility to develop systems that will enhance the user navigation experience, while creating a sense of place for visitors.

Athlos, Boise, ID

Athlos Academy is a unique charter school that offers a unique approach to learning. Through the careful curation of brand colors, textures and materials, we created a wayfinding system, custom room identifiers, and freestanding directional signs for this beautiful downtown location.

South Meridian YMCA, Meridian, ID

South Meridian YMCA is a state-of-the-art facility where the young and young-at-heart alike can go to swim, play, connect, and elevate their fitness. For this wayfinding project, we collaborated with the YMCA’s marketing and brand team to develop a comprehensive wayfinding system for this new facility. Utilizing the vibrant color palette and playful typography from the YMCA’s brand guidelines, we created a series of custom wayfinding designs that would inform it’s visitor while building brand awareness for their organization.

Grove Hotel, Boise, ID

The Grove Hotel is a historic landmark located in downtown Boise, Id. With the recent influx of people moving to the city, we’ve seen an influx of new hotels popping up throughout the downtown area. To ensure they stayed competitive, the Grove decided it was time to invest in updating their brand and their space. Our wayfinding specialists worked with the Grove to create a sleek and modern wayfinding signage plan.

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