The YMCA – Horsetheif Reservoir

Shared Vision

Shared values, shared vision makes for a great partnership. We work with the YMCA in a variety of locations across Idaho helping them communicate their strong community mission and presence. At Trademark we encourage healthy lifestyles of our employees, we are able to provide our employee families with benefits such as Y memberships because of our partnership, trading services for benefits. 


In early 2010, Trademark began working with the Treasure Valley YMCA on the visual identity and wayfinding system for their summer camp. After scouting the camp, Trademark’s designers got to work hand-illustrating all of the building’s signs, and designing the central monument signs that would guide camp-goers to their destinations. The result is a beautiful tribute to Idaho’s wilderness that makes navigating the camp quick and easy.

Communicating a Broad Brand Approach

YMCA's brand guidelines allows and warrants a wide and creative approach to communicating their brand. We studied the guidelines and while some might seem limiting YMCA's just gave us ideas. We were excited to take their mission and existing brand and build upon it in interesting ways in our Idaho locations. We were always careful to make sure each element remained cohesive with the larger mission and previous designs. We breathed  new life by accenting vivid colors/shapes and directly communicating mission statements.